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Benefits Of Social Media

The main benefits of running social media posting campaigns are:

1. Enhancing your trustworthiness

People are reassured by the presence of a regularly updated social media feed. It shows professionalism, authority and clearly displays that your site and your Practice are “open for business”

2. Brand recognition and repeat exposure

Your social media followers or browsers are in an environment that they are comfortable in. It is the very best place for you to place your brand and have them take notice. It is said of traditional advertising that a potential patient/customer has to see your advertisement seven times before taking any action.

This is your opportunity to get your brand under their noses without being pushy!

3. Getting ahead of your competitors

Do your competitors use social media? Most of your competitors will probably not be doing a good job of embracing social media, so this is your chance to race ahead. If they are engaging well in the social networks then you must get involved or you risk being left behind and losing your audience to your competition. Your potential patients/customers are engaging in social media personally, whether you like it or not. When they visit a website they expect to find a social media presence and may judge you if there isn’t one – or worse if they find one that hasn’t been updated for weeks or even months!