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Ai Advert Campaigns

Our AI Advertisements determines the perfect target audience for your adverts by monitoring social media conversations in real time.
The system is the only platform where people receive adverts for what they need, when they need it. When the advert is clicked an auto-populated form is created which is sent directly to you, so you can chase the lead immediately, Think about this scenario, a Facebook user types into their timeline ‘my spectacle frame has decided to break, time for a new one’, with our software and working with keywords and demographics we can put an advert in front of the Facebook user saying ‘Looking for a new spectacle frame? We have a special offer on all designer glasses, contact us today’.

Minimum advert budget is £350 a month plus the service cost.
System Works On Facebook, Instagram and Linked-In.
Most clients spend a total of £500 which generally gives 2/3 targeted leads a day (results differ to different sectors of business)
A major return on a modest investment.
No ongoing contract required.